Liceo Augusto D ‘Halmar fined for transodium

(Santiago, August 26, 2019) .- On Friday, August 24, the Superintendency of Education reported that, because of the complaint that was filed against the director Jaime Andrade of the Liceo Augusto D’Halmar for transodium, it was sanctioned the Municipal Corporation of Social Development of Ñuñoa, as the entity that supports the establishment. This happens after last July 28, OTD Chile along with the sellers and the councilor Alejandra Placencia Cabello (PC) requested that statement to the authority.

In the email sent by the Prosecutor’s Unit of the Metropolitan Regional Directorate to the attorney of the affected trans girl, it is noted that the two violations detected were that “the establishment does not guarantee a fair process that regulates the relations of community members school “and that” the establishment violates rights and / or does not fulfill duties towards the members of the educational community. ” This adds to the referral of the background to the Public Ministry, so that the possible commission of crimes in the same case can be investigated.

In this regard, Councilor Placencia said “the process that we have carried out with the family and the OTD has been very important since my role as councilor of the Ñuñoa commune and teacher, since it is very important that we are able to ensure that you all Children have the possibility of fully developing in our schools and that society and the school community are also respectful of different identities. This is what moves us to continue with the actions that are necessary to eradicate all types of violations of fundamental rights ”, in addition to pointing out that this case sets an important precedent and what is required now is a communal policy so that these episodes do not they are repeated neither in this school, nor in any other.

Image of the email sent by the Superintendence of Education. (Courtesy of Susana Jiles).
The mother of the affected girl, Susana Jiles, thanked the OTD, the legal advisor Matías Valenzuela for her professional work in the case and Councilor Placencia for installing the transodium case before the Ñuñoa City Council and thus supporting the complaint process in the Superintendency of Education: said that “the School System and the management teams have to adapt to the new times and above all train and work in coexistence manuals to protect the integrity of all in the school community”, in addition to asserting that “The Secretary General of the Municipal Corporation of Social Development of Ñuñoa will define the administrative sanctions against the director Jaime Andrade of the Liceo Augusto D’Halmar, once the issue is resolved with the Superintendence.”

For his part, the legal advisor of OTD, Matías Valenzuela Cortez, said “we request via transparency the administrative resolution signed by Superintendent O’Ryan, because we want to know the amount of the fine and the detail of the administrative procedure, to determine to what extent This sets a precedent for this type of violation not to be repeated in the future ”, he added that“ this should be a call for the Municipal Corporation to reconsider the director’s permanence in the establishment in the coming periods, considering that no it gives guarantees of respect and security for its school community, since it was announced that administrative sanctions would be taken only after the Superintendent’s pronouncement ”.

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