Civil Registry habilitates appointment request to change name and sex

(Santiago, December 16th, 2019). – Staring from December 16th trans people will be able to request in person an appointment to change their name and sex, as the Gender Identity Law 21.120 establishes. Civil Registry and Ministry of Justice authorities emphasized it at the San Miguel head office where the first chilean people starting this process participated, Noah López; trans masculine (non binary) and Valeria Pinto; trans feminine. Special audiences, second step, will be assigned on December 27th which is when the law will come into effect.

For Noah López, “this is a first step, identity is a human right and my identity is clear, I’m here representing the trans and non binary community as well. This law is a step for us to be visible in front of society because acutally the truth is that we don’t exist, there’s so much to do, children are still not included. I’m here for all my friends and trans people who need this law for living. We need to work, we need health, and many things that are still out of this law, and we hope this is an initial step to give us the strenght to keep fighting for the trans communtiy”.

De izquierda a derecha Noah López y Valeria Pinto muestran la solicitud de hora para el cambio de nombre y sexo registral

Noah López and Valeria Pinto showing their appointment request to change their registral name and sex

On the other hand Valeria Pinto said, “this is an historic step in the name of dignity, the right to be. I’m calling all people who feel discriminated and trapped to come out, being trans is not a bad thing, it is something wonderful, we are not sick people (…)”, In addition she said that because of the lack of an ID Card that shows her real identity she hasn’t been able to work formally in a very long time, and for that she demanded labour inclusion and called companies to create jobs for trans people.

From OTD Chile we accompany trans people in this first step, and in addtion Franco Fuica coordinator of Legislation and Public Politics explained that the Gender Identity Law from December 27th will formally allow trans people to have a legal a juridic life that matches their identity, besides clarifying that there’s still a long way to go for a wide trans law that can include children, teenagers and that on some level can fix the damage caused to the trans community for years.

Vit is important to say that trans  people can request an appointment from december 16th in all offices of the Civil Registry and through this link you can know the step by step to change the registral name and sex, said material was designed by the legal advisor of OTD Chile, Matías Valenzuela.

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