OTD Chile and the Gender Department from the Diego Portales Uniersity organized the talk, Can we talk about pride nowadays?

(Santiago de Chile, june 24th, 2020).-  OTD Chile and the Gender Department  from the Diego Portales University (UDP) organized the talk  Can we talk about pride nowadays? Along with the lawyers and activists Constanza Valdés, Matías Valenzuela and Claudio Barrientos, history teacher from UDP. The transmission will be Thursday  June 25th  at 18:00hrs on the account  Zoom of the Department and our Youtube Channel  OTD Chile Association.

Constanza Valdés, trans activist, lawyer and consultant from the Chilean parliament, will be talking about the advances and insufficiencies of the 21.120 Law (Gender Idenity Law) and the absence of politics focused on vulnerable groups in the context of the global pandemic, because there is no support for women or migrants.

Matías Valenzuela, lawyer, activist and juridic consultant of OTD Chile, will be presenting about the actual state of the sexual dissident movement/ LGBTIQ+ facing the pandemic; identifying  the main demands (TARV situation in public hospitals for people living with HIV, situations of sexual workers), the reform of the Antidiscrimination Law promoted by the government and the Gender Identity Law 21.120  from the work made in OTD Chile. 

Claudio Barrientos, historian and teacher from UDP  will be talking about neoliberalism, conservative politics cycles, and how situations with exceptions generate measures against COVID-19 that reinstalls a inestable  situation and puts in danger rights and conditions among the LGBTIQA+ people.

It is important to say that the transmission will be Thursday June 25th at 18:00 hrs on Zoom of the Department and our  Youtube Channel

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