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Arta Pública A Los Estados De Chile Y Venezuela, Fernando Ojeda Activista Trans Migrante

Public letter to the states of Chile and Venezuela, Fernando Ojeda migrant trans activist

On June 9th, 2020 since the covid-19 pandemic started, I went to work and as everybody else I got checked because the region where I live was under quarantine. I was carrying my documents and safe-conduct so everything should be fine. It should have been as any other check. But because I was a trans person and migrant it wasn’t. My ID Card, safe-conduct, passport and legal documents DO NOT IDENTIFY ME.
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Liceo Augusto D ‘Halmar fined for transodium

(Santiago, August 26, 2019) .- On Friday, August 24, the Superintendency of Education reported that, because of the complaint that was filed against the director Jaime Andrade of the Liceo Augusto D'Halmar for transodium, it was sanctioned the Municipal Corporation of Social Development of Ñuñoa, as the entity that supports the establishment. This happens after last July 28, OTD Chile along with the sellers and the councilor Alejandra Placencia Cabello (PC) requested that statement to the authority.
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