OTD Chile organizes talk, Transfeminist answers for TERF discourses

(Santiago de Chile, June 25th, 2020).-The Unit of Legislation and Public Politics of OTD Chile organized four important talks to inform and educate people during the pride month. The first one is calledTransfeminist answers for TERF discourses and it will be broadcasted on our  youtube chanel this Friday, June 26th at 15:00hrs (Chile), with the participation of Carla Antonelli, Siobhan Guerrero and Mauro Cabral.

Carla Antonelli; actress, trans activist and member of the parliament, Siobhan Guerrero; biologist, trans activist, doctor in phylosophy, cofounder of the National Laboratory of Diversities located at the Institute of Judicial Investigations of the Universidad Autónoma de México and Mauro Cabral; activist intersex and trans, doctor in history,  and director of the  GATE organization  and coordinates the first cathedra free of Trans Studies of theSchool of Phylosophy and Arts from the Buenos Aires University. The activity will be moderated by Emilia Schneider, Chilean politic, law student and the first trans president of the Students Federation from Universidad de Chile.

Respuestas transfeministas a los discursos TERF con Carla Antonelli, Siobhan Guerrero y Mauro Cabra

Transfeminist answers for TERF discourses with Carla Antonelli, Siobhan Guerrero and Mauro Cabral

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