Community development

At OTD we build community through meeting groups and workshops by different age groups and different audiences. Below we detail the groups we work with and the people they are aimed at. To join one of these groups, the following is requested: [email protected]

GET trans meeting group, aimed at transgender people from 18 years on. This group meets once a week.

Group of Families, aimed at relatives of transgender people such as mothers, fathers, legal guardians, siblings, couples and other family members. This group meets once a month.

Trans Teens Group Express T, aimed at trans people between 13 and 17. This group meets once a month.

Group of trans children Abejitrans, aimed at trans people under 13. This group meets once a month.

Contact us for a counseling

If you are a transgender or family person and you need guidance, a service or want to join the community, schedule an hour of personalized counseling in which we can talk about what you need.

Counselling and psychological care



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