Valeria Pinto, the first trans person to obtain her new ID card through the Gender Identity Law

(Santiago, January 27, 2020).- This Monday morning, Valeria Pinto became the first trans person in Chile to obtain her new ID card with her new registral name and sex, one month after the Gender Identity Law (Act 21.120) enter into force. In this way, she received her ID from authorities of the Civil Registry Centro Bicentenario and Lorena Recabarren Silva, undersecretary of Human Rights.

Valeria Pinto talked with OTD Chile with her ID card in hand and thanked all the people that worked and supported to make the Gender Identity Law a reality and made a call to the trans community to carry out this important and free public procedure.

Valeria Pinto en compañía de autoridades del Registro Civil y la Subcrecretaria de Derechos Humanos

Valeria Pinto with her partner,
Civil Registry authorities and
Lorena Recabarren Silva,
undersecretary of Human Rights.
Courtesy of the Civil Registry

A month after the Gender Identity Law entered into force, with the delivery of Pinto ID card, came true the dream of many trans people, that for years fought so that this procedure was not pathologizing and was carried out through the Civil Registry.

For Valeria, having her new card means that she will be able to formally access the labor market like any Chilean citizen, a right that unfortunately has been denied to date for being a trans person.

For his part, Jorge Álvarez, national director of the Civil Registry and Identity Service, published on his Twitter account that 1,114 hearings have been held to date and 1,653 appointment requests have been received for the registral name and sex change.


Today we deliver the first ID card for registral sex change. One month after the Gender Identity Law enter into force, the @RegCivil_Chile has held 1,114 hearings and has received 1,653 appointment requests #GenderIdentityLaw

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