The Noche Digna Program creates a care protocol for homeless trans people

The Noche Digna program from the Ministry of Social Development and the Acción Travesti en Calle organization (ATC) , created an inclusive access protocol for trans people that are homeless. Its implementation is about training the personnel that work in the program in order to make them sensitive and respectful about some topics like gender identity on users.

Trans people that get in the program must be named by their social name and be treated without any type of gender discrimination, which is not an obstacle to get in the program. People who is in charge of the will adjust the daily places such as restrooms or bedrooms to people’s identity, also look for safe alternatives during people’s stay.

ATC communicated with the work-leading program, and they created the document. “Discrimination and the lack of access suffered by homeless part of the people increases when we talk about trans identities and sexual diversity. In this case, for transvestites, a self-designed term for those who inhabit the streets of La Vega decades ago, this is where ATC is: They didn’t come to the refuge or general institutions because of the mistreatment they were used to”, Representant Niki Raveau said.

They hope to make safer spaces for transvestite people, and for sexual diversity people that are homeless, and to strengthen their job undertakings. “It’s an slow advance in  a difficult context. In the medium term, we want to open an self-management refuge. Committees of people working in the surroundings of the informal fairs have been set up, with different social, political, or productive goals. We have politicized the streets a little more and generate something that is probably a social movement that EXCEED THE TRANSVESTITE. In these streets of La Vega, is relevant that transvestites were the first group of people that were organized. The question is why transvestites have never been priority for the rest of the world?”, Niki said.

The legislation and public policies manager of OTD Chile, Franco Fuica, appreciated the organization’s work and he hopes that the inclusive access increases in all the State services. “It’s very important that all the organizations work together in order to give the trans community welfare and comprehensive access to rights. I appreciate and applaud the work that our workmates do, and I hope that it grows up”, Niki Said.

Translated by: Pedro Contreras and Sebastian Serrano.

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