OTD Chile statement in support of freedom of expression

 (Santiago, December 17, 2019).- During two weeks, as OTD Chile we consulted in our social networks who would exercise the right to change their name and registered sex through the new Gender Identity Law (21120.) Several trans people communicated their interest, so when the civil registry requested, a few days after December 16, the presence of one or two trans as the first to complete this historical process. We dedicated to find those that would like to make this process public and with this, share their privacy, since this law is covered by the principle of confidentiality. Noah Blanco López Gutiérrez and Valeria Ignacia Pinto Valdés attended this call. Both are trans citizens interested in participating and making this right visible. 

As organization, we held meetings to explain the process that would be given by three moments: making an appointment, special audience and withdrawal of the identity number. Also, they were clarified that they could leave the process whenever they wanted, in addition to indicating that they were free to tell what they wanted from their lives to the media.

From OTD Chile we value the freedom of expression of all people, of those who are direct and indirectly associated with us as organization and we believe in this as the fundamental principle of democracy. For this reason, we recognize that Noah’s act of not greeting the minister Hernán Larraín and cover one of his eyes was made by exercising this human right, whereupon we offer our sorority support. We regret if anyone felt undermined by this voluntary gesture and that represents the deep feeling of the citizens who condemn human rights violations in Chile.

We hope that the Ministry of Justice and Human Rights, the Civil Registry and Identification Service and all the authorities of the associated institutions to the process of the Gender Identity Law will value the freedom of expression of the citizens, that their decisions are autonomous and that they can understand that no one can take over of their opinions and actions, except them. At the same time, we trust that the institutions of the State of Chile respect organizations such as OTD Chile that make a great contribution to the current to the current Chilean society, raising the situation of trans people in various spaces and levels through systematic accompaniment work, education, service delivery, knowledge generation, and others actions that seek to benefit a historically discriminated community and that is recently accessing to legal recognition of its identity and with it its existence. For this reason, we hope that the State and the Government of Chile always guarantee the full exercise of the human rights of everyone.

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