OTD Chile participates in the proposals book for the new government

OTD Chile, through its executive coordinator, Michel Riquelme, participated in the content of the book produced by the Fundación Base Pública on proposals of the civil society for the new government presided over Sebastian Piñera.

In total, more than 100 representatives of organizations presented their recommendations to the government that will be in the head until 2022.  OTD Chile was the only trans group which participated and led its content to the Minister of Women and Gender Equity, Isabel Plá.

For the founder and executive director of the Base Pública, Nicolás Cruz, the objective of this publication is to “include those who are more or less excluded from decision-making and public dialogues”, said.  Asked on the reception of this content, he expressed: “I believe that in this government there is a will, we are coordinating a series of meetings with different ministers on the book, we want to continue opening up spaces for civil society, we are bored of being the little brother of democracy.”

The launch was held on August 21st and was attended by the minister Secretary General of Government, Cecilia Pérez.

Director of the PUC Public Policy Center, Ignacio Irarrázaval; Base Pública executive Director, Nicolás Cruz; Minister General Secretary of Government, Cecilia Pérez; and journalist Carola Fuentes.

Proposal of Organizing Trans Diversities.

What is the gender? We invite the minister to answer this short but complex question.  Previous governments, since the creation of the National Women’s service, have worked to solve the problems of cisgender women, that is, those who identify with the gender assigned to them at birth, but, where it does place transgender persons?

We are also persons historically affected by government policies, those that exclude us and do not recognize our identities. That’s why we ask you to listen to us.  It is indispensable that the Government include trans organizations in the construction of their policies.  We all need to be represented, for example, labor quotas for the Ministry of Women that include trans women.

Our exclusion from the public system is undeniable, and if better times come, as promised, how are we going to stay out of the centers of power? There are such basic practices as changing the application forms to public office that only accept men and women. Minister, President Piñera: We are here available to talk and work with you. We have a long history of training on these topics. Do not miss the opportunity to make a better country, listen to us and the lives of thousands of excluded people can be prosperous.

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