OTD Chile participated in the in loco visit that the IACHR did in Chile

(Santiago, January 28th, 2020).- OTD Chile participated and organized the bloc of the LGTBIG+ community at the meeting that was held this Monday 27th January along with the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights (IACHR) in relation to the visit in loco carried out in Chile, so in this way they can expound the Human Rights violations against women and the sexual diversities and dissidences in the country.

Franco Fuica, coordinator of the Legislation Unit and Public Policies of OTD Chile, and the legal advisor Matías Valenzuela were the people in charge of organize the LGTBIQ+ bloc where, before the IACHR, the representatives of the organizations; FECH, Miles Chile, Abofem, Association Rompiendo el Silencio, Neutres, Pride Chile, Chile Diverso, Intersex Chile, Amanda Jofré, Collective TransForma, Amnistía Chile, Fundation Iguales and Acción Gay talked about how the Human Rights of the LGTBIQ+ community were systematically violated in Chile before, during, and after the social outbreak.

Reunión Mujer y Comunidad LGTBIQ+ con la CIDH en Santiago de Chile

People who attended at the meeting Woman and LGTBIQ+ Community in Santiago of Chile

The meeting the day Monday 27th January is one of the meetings that are being held on occasion of the visit in loco of the IACHR that was requested by 145 organizations and authorities of the country at the end of October, with the mission of making a report about the Human Rights abuse that happened from the social outbreak in October 18th, also necessarily referring to the situation of the Human Rights in Chile before the movements, so an investigation about the causes of the already mentioned can be done.

This visit includes meetings in different cities of the country, divided according to central themes. One of the meetings that was held this Monday afternoon presented the theme of women and LGBTI people. It was in charge the Brazilian commissioner Flavia Porvesan, and the official of the IACHR Miguel Mesquita, both in charge of the LGBTI feedback of the Commission. It attended to her a transversal group of organizations  that exposed the most serious reports, among them there are the ones received by OTD and trans people of legal age as well as under legal age that had been beaten, insulted, and discriminated by Carabineros in the context of a street protest, as well as in police stations once they were detained.

The same thing did the Lesbian Association Rompiendo el Silencio about the discrimination against lesbian women, and the Corporation Pride of Talca that reported the focalized repression in the dissident blocs in the protests that have occurred in that city. Likewise, we explained the sues of the sexual dissidence about what is important to note the delivery of the results of the examination done by the organization Acción Gay produced that one of the main claim of the LGBTIQ+ people is the recognition of the filial rights, followed by the comprehensive sexual education. One of the surprises of that study, is the request of creating a Ministry of Gender and Sexualities, that is seems to be more requested that the same-sex marriage, despite the Congress and the political leaders are trying their best to pass it.

In the same line, the Commissioner Piovesan expressed how surprised she was because of the lack of a body or any specific mechanism, either in the Executive Power or any defender for the Judicial branch, specifically in charge of preventing the discrimination against trans people, lesbians, gays, non-binaries, intersexual, among others, after being informed about the serious problems of the Ani-discrimination law from the Foundation Iguales and Chile Diverso. It also exposed the association Amanda Jofré that reported the vulnerability of the sexual workers before the deregulation of the matter, and Emilia Schneider, president of the FECH, about non-sexist education, and the necessity of a comprehensive trans law.

At the end of the meeting, the different organizations expressed their interest in keeping an interaction with the purpose of recognition to the sexual dissidence and to the family diversity in the same text of the Magna Charta, reason why we are holding a meeting on Saturday February 8th, at the head office of Santiago de Amnistía Internacional, where all the organizations and sexual dissidents interested in collaborate with this job will be able to attend.


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