OTD Chile New Staff

On March 17, Organizando Trans Diversidades elected their new staff. Franco Fuica, who used to be OTD Chile vice-president, is now the president. Kris Córdova is the new treasurer and Jimena Norambuena is the new secretary.

Fuica said that during his term –that lasts until 2020- he expects to improve the lives of the trans community by creating new connections. He said that there are two main roads to achieve this: the first one is to strengthen the social changes and the second is to transform public policies in favor of the community.

“We are in a situation of increased visibility. People believe that we have rights and that we need certain laws to be approved in order to achieve equality.” Fuica stated.

His task will be aimed towards voicing the community needs and to strengthen the bonds created with international organizations. Fuica said that he hopes that with the new OTD Chile team, the organization will move forward and will work well as a team. Fuica was grateful for the job done by the previous president Michel Riquelme and by the previous secretary Armando Escoffier.

The new treasurer, Kris Córdova, after three years of activism in the organization is now in charge of the finances of the organization. Among the challenges Córdova will face are: to define the political stance, to follow the three-year financial plan, and to become a public figure that will represent the organization.

Córdova said that they must continue working on the work done by the previous team. They also said that they are approaching this from a self-care point of view. “We need to take care of ourselves to be able to express a community-helpful activism, to strengthen feminist values and to show them in our work.” They stated.

The new secretary, Jimena Norambuena, said that a challenge that OTD faces is to include more families that have a transitioning transgender member in their family. “We need to bridge the generational gap to bring mothers and fathers closer to their children. Being a part of the staff lets me aim the work I do towards this solution.” Among her responsibilities are to oversee the plans of the administration department, the communication departments, among others.

“We have to analyze how we continue the process of previous Works. Even though the members have equal-power in the organization, we must have order inside OTD to let us work easily and efficiently.” Norambuena said.

Directorio y socies

From left to right: Fernando Ojeda, Armando Escoffier, Kris Cordova, Jimena Norambuena, Franco Fuica, Mariechen Euler, Fernando Bravo, Franco Lopez, Dania Linker and Michel Riquelme. Photography: Ana Lucía Ramírez.

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