OTD Chile and Recoleta join for the sale of hormonal therapy in Popular Pharmacy

OTD Chile and the Municipality of Recoleta signed a collaboration agreement for the sale of hormonal therapy for transgender people Popular Pharmacy. Recoleta is the second commune that joins this initiative, after last May Quilicura formalized the benefit to its neighbors.

The initiative arose when an activist mother, Jacqueline Rodriguez, in conjunction with other parents of trans persons gathered with the mayor Daniel Jadue in order to propose him to work together with OTD association, headquartered in Recoleta commune.  “I am so happy and grateful for the welcome we had from the beginning by the municipality,” said Jacqueline, because despite the time of delay, managed to get ahead a job that has benefits already.

“Is a source of pride for us, we have been working for long time ago the valuation of the difference as a source of wealth”, said the mayor Jadue, who see beyond the costs of this initiative, he value its meaning.  “We do not do this because it goes more or less cheap, we do it because it is right and fair”.

Leonel Catoni, who is in charge of the health of the association calls to the others pharmacies to be part of this initiative and highlights the growing awareness toward trans persons.

The benefit that brings this kind of agreement it is so important that for example, the Decapeptyl medicine, can costs 250.000 CLP in the pharmacy chains while in the Popular Pharmacy costs 136.243 CLP.

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