Important Chilean people send a message to the trans community

OTD Chile released a video of support to the trans community where diverse public people and known by all Chileans participated. Héctor Noguera, Mariana Di Girolamo, Katty Kowaleczko, Malucha Pinto, Javiera Contador, Mabel Farias and priest Felipe Berríos participated in the production that defends the depathologization of trans identities.

The launch of this video was made just a day after the film A Fantastic Woman, starring trans actress Daniela Vega, won an Oscar in the category Best Foreign Film.

A week after President Michelle Bachelet leaves the Government and the possibility of the Senate approving the Gender Identity Law, Organizando Trans Diversidades continues to demand its prompt processing and the inclusion of children and adolescents to the norm that has been almost five years in Congress.

The campaign, in which these people known by all participated, also includes the testimony of activists and transgender children, together with their families, who intend to deliver a message of acceptance to the different identities. With the slogan #IdentityForAll, it is expected to call on the Senators and the new Government to recognize that trans identities are not a mistake that should be corrected.

The director of the Association and responsible for producing the campaign, Armando Escoffier, the trans community has already waited too long. “We need this law to be approved as soon as possible and include children and adolescents. The most likely thing is that the project will now go to a mixed commission and we hope that both Senators and Deputies will inform themselves and respond as a historically marginalized community deserves.”

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