Census 2022 in Chile Would Include Gender Identity Questions

(April 7th, 2020).- Representatives of the National Statistics Institute (INE) on a videoconference with OTD gave details about inclusive questions related to gender identity for the next census 2022 in Chile. 

The units of Investigation and Public Management Policies from OTD, Chile; on the videoconference with INE mentioned before, were able to know that the question about the sex, it would change to what sex were you assigned on your birth? and a question about what is the sex the surveyed person identifies for. Currently, this form is under tests to confirm the right comprehension and validation of the census statistics on the trans community.

Franco Fuica, coordinator of the Investigation and Public Management Policies of OTD, Chile, celebrated the inclusion, and said that the questions should also be made to minors, considering the gender identity law 21.120 which allows the change of name and sex registry since 14 years old. In addition, Franco also said that because transgender men can get pregnant, they should be allowed to answer questions about their children, “the census is important for the transgender community, especially after the Gender Identity Law became effective, which sets a turning point about how people will register in these studies. This survey will allow us to know the reality and amount of transgender people that there is in Chile, and will also influence the public policies that many times are limited because authorities don’t know this information, and it would help to take into practice concerns such as health, labor inclusion, education and others”.

Also joined to this meeting Dania Linker, Investigation coordinator of OTD, Chile, and Matías Valenzuela Cortez, legal advisor of the association which asked for protection to guarantee the privacy of the surveyed people, especially for potential transphobia inside their homes.

In relation to this last argument, it was also suggested the need for an advertising campaign to encourage families to respect the gender identity of their children. On the same context, it was emphasized the capacitation of the pollsters so there are no prejudices made during this survey. 

The inclusion test of these questions, comes after the realization of a study of methodologies used on censuses in other countries of the world, done by the Unit of Studies and Statistics of INE on December, 2018. For access to the document, is available on the website of the INE, click here.

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