73 students will take the University Selection Test (PSU) with their social name

Last May, the Demre (Department of Evaluation, Measurement and educational registration) body in charge of the University Selection Test (PSU) announced that trans students will be able to perform the annual exam using their social name.

OTD Chile followed up this good new and from the institution told us that 73 applicants made use of the box that corresponded to the social name. Michel Riquelme, executive coordinator, appreciated the measure. “PSU is usually a very stressful process and when you are trans it is much more. Present yourself with an ID that does not identify you is to expose yourself to discrimination and ill-treatment. The transgender people were in a clear disadvantage situation. There are young transgender people who do not take the test, so that they don’t have to go through this situation. ”

The activist urged the other public bodies to implement these good practices, especially when involve children and young people. “The recognition of your name and your identity is a minimum floor to be able to live peacefully, I hope that institutions like the JUNAEB learn and soon make a protocol for the TNE (Student National Card) as the INJUV (National Institute of Youth) has done with the young card. It’s time to renew and accept that there are not only cisgender students”, said.

Translated by: Javiera Saavedra R.

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