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We build community from transfeminist activism, for the defense and promotion of Human Rights of trans diversities and their empowerment.


A community based on the values and practices of democracy, in which all people can decide autonomously about their bodies and identities, without gender norms or social mandates.


We work based on democracy. We promote the equal participation of every member so that each and every participant can use their leadership within the association.

Annual Report

Transparency is part of our financial and organizational processes. It is a fundamental part of our work and of our actions. We always have our annual report available for anyone who might be interested on it.

Mutual Respect

We work based on the physical and psychological integrity of every human being. We promote a healthy coexistence with the public.


We build a community based on harmony and inclusion. We promote relationships based on cooperation and feminism -caring for others and themselves-. This is an essential value of the organization.


We believe activism and community-building are based on the participation of authentic, fair, and committed people who can achieve the common good.

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