Parents and Relatives

Carrying out activities and workshops since 2014, the Unit of Parents and Relatives was created in February 2019 seeking to provide response, containment and support to the mothers, fathers and relatives of transgender people, who mostly, begin to face a reality completely unknown and have no tools to open up to the understanding and accompaniment of their child or relative trans.

Participating in a community area, protected and confidential, allows them to recognize themselves as trans families, share experiences, acquire knowledge and begin to experience the internal transition that is needed to welcome, accompany and support their children and loved ones.

The main objective of the unit is the empowerment of families through community building, dialogical education, dissemination and social and cultural impact, promoting the positive transformation of the spaces that inhabit the children and adolescents trans and their families.

Once a month the GEFF workshop (family Meeting Group) is held, directed and coordinated by the Unit with professional support. Working on specific subjects and sharing knowledge and experiences through group dynamics and conversation. It is an open space, where community is found and those who want to participate are welcome.

Likewise, there is a team of janitors whom in coordination with the Unit of attentions, that receives mothers, fathers and family members individually to make a first reception, answer questions and needs.

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