OTEDUCA is our psychoeducation and pedagogical work unit that seeks to educate and inform by counteracting the lack of knowledge about gender identities and diverse gender expressions, and promoting the inclusion and respect for diversity. This generates and shares new knowledge from the social and community experience that we have been developing as a social endeavor for more than 10 years.

Together, we’ve launched a project, thanks to the Progama Géneros y Sexualidades Diversas de Fondo Alquimia that has allowed us to offer a series of workshops and trainings focused in educators and professionals that work with groups of people in the public and private field; such as teachers, psychosocial duo, mental health professionals, mentors, educational psychologists, etc.

The four-hour workshops, aim to raise awareness and understand on a large-scale the experience when transitioning in different areas and dimensions, and also how this experience is in our lives. They are provided by a team of long history professionals and trans activists.

The 16-hours trainings (two days), aim to form monitors that can replicate and spread this knowledges in their community and work space.

Coordinator: Kris Córdova.

E-mail: oteduca@otdchile.org

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➤ Notice 0768 by Mineduc for the inclusion of trans people in schools.
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OTDUCA has provided different establishments and institutions, talks, workshops and training sessions like:

➤ Participants and users of OTD
➤ Colegio Juanita Fernández, Gestionado por Municipalidad de Recoleta, RM
➤ Sindicato Lider, RM
➤ Colegio Paulo Freire, San Miguel, RM
➤ Provincial Cordillera Mineduc, Puente Alto, RM
➤ Liceo Valentín Letelier, Gestionado por Municipalidad de Recoleta, RM
➤ Oficina de la Mujer de Municipalidad de Concepción, Concepción, VIII Región
➤ Escuela Anne Elenor Roosvelt, Gestionado por Municipalidad de Recoleta, RM

For more information about our talks and trainings, please send us an E-mail to: contacto@otdchile.org