OTEDUCA is the psychoeducation and pedagogical work unit of OTD Chile. The project arose thanks to the support from the Progama Géneros y Sexualidades Diversas de Fondo Alquimia and consists of two large areas: external education and internal education.

The external education area has allowed us to offer a series of workshops and trainings focused in educators and professionals that work with groups of people in the public and private field; such as teachers, psychosocial duo, mental health professionals, mentors, educational psychologists, etc. Its objective is to educate and inform by counteracting the lack of knowledge about gender identities and diverse gender expressions, and promoting inclusion and respect, generating and sharing new knowledge from the social and community experience that we have been developing as a social endeavor for more than 10 years of activism.

On the other hand, the internal education area aims to the empowerment of the trans community delivering tools that allows to deepening knowledge and strengthening the capacity of influence in the society in order to create positive changes that inspire to their peers. Its aim is work as a nursery of new activists that may join to the fight in an individual way or through organizations as OTD. This “school for activists” are carried out in different moments of the year and are open to both, the community and its allies.

Unit Coordinator: Kris Córdova Durán

For more information write us to: oteduca@otdchile.org.