Legislation & Public Policy

Legislations are agreed structural regulatory frameworks that allow to recognize and ensure new rights for people. This is why we are working very hard on the improvement of the Gender Identity Law that will enable the recognition of trans identities, allowing us to change our name and sex/gender in our identification documents.

In relation to public policies, they are the way in which organized communities discuss with the government to get an answer for a particular need. In OTD, we work to drive the creation of public policies that will improve the quality of life of transgender persons in the most important areas of life such as health, education and work.

I’m proud of coordinating and working in OTD, it has also allowed me to be involved and share the happiness when we make a little change; the sadness of the setbacks, but, above all, being constantly sharing the progress with the transgender community in these matters. Being fully involved allows me to experience first hand the problems transgender people face.

Franco Fuica.

Unit coordinator