The research about trans issues is undeveloped in our context and is often made by cisgender people (cisplaining). In OTD, we want to overturn this and we’re working to generate coordinated researches by our partners and collaborator’s and volunteer’s team.

Currently, this is how we have introduced the first survey for the transgender and non-binary community in Chile, and it’s called EncuestaT which will allow to inform people about relevant and different life realities of the transgender community at a national level, since we don’t “appear” in the census. Without statistical data, the government on duty keep delaying the creation of public and inclusive politics, which tend to counteract the inequality and discrimination that puts most transgender women in precariousness since their childhood and in every area for the complete development of every individual of the country.

We’ve received applications every week from students or researchers who are interested in having the experience of our organization for their researches, thesis or university projects about gender identities and experiences when transitioning, were as a community organization, we have as priority to provide a “protected space” for the support of children, young prople and adults that are transitioning.  Given that students have such a high demand for inquiries, we’ve created a platform to canalize and coordinate these requests in a better way. If you have a research and you want our colaboration, first, you have to send an email address and we’ll contact you: 

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