5 steps to understand gender identity

Transgender, transsexual or Transvestite?, Intersexual?, Gender Binary, Genderqueer, fluid?: Surely you have heard some of this, at least one time in your life. And probably, that happened in recent years. When for some reason that you still don

History of the Gender Identity Law in Chile

On September 2018, the Joint Senate Commission approved the Gender Identity Law in Chile. Thanks to this, people over 14 years old will have the possibility to modify their gender in the Civil Registry, through an administrative procedure. This leg

Gender Identity Law in the world

The rights of LGBTIQ+ people are human rights! Let’s make that clear. There is nothing strange, otherworldly, or absurd about that. The petition today is for equality, respect, and, above all, justice. Globally, only 20 countries have approv

Why the approval of the Gender Identity Law in Chile is important

In the world, the recognition of equal rights among diverse people has been a challenge. Black and white, men and women, LGBTIQ+ community; many people have had to experience their own struggles; and yet, there are still advances to be achieved. The

What does the Gender Identity Law establish in Chile?

On September 12, 2018, the Congress approved the Gender Identity Law in Chile. This leaves behind a debate that lasted five years, and was accepted with 95 votes in favor and 46 against. Now, it must be sent to the national president, Sebastián Pi