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The Undersecretary for Children of the Ministry of Social Development, together with the Undersecretary for Human Rights of the Ministry of Justice, called on civil society organizations to participate in a meeting to draw up the future regulations of the Gender Identity Law, which must be presented on June 10th to the Office of the […]

Ten children and adolescents participated in the Aventura T camp on the beach, thanks to the support of the Global Equality Fund of the US Embassy, along with the Summer Colonies. The activity was organized by the community area of OTD Chile and coordinated by Luka Suban and Carol Barragán. After the monthly workshops that […]

Franco Fuica, OTD Chile’s legislation, and public policy coordinator participated in a meeting on Monday, January 28th, at the Education Office of the Municipality of Santiago to report and resolve a case of discrimination at the Liceo Barros Borgoño in the commune. The student, her mother, and the councilors Irací Hassler and Natalia Contreras participated […]

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Last week we noticed from the press of the case of a migrant trans woman who claims to have been raped by a gendarme in an area of the male prison population in the one that remained deprived of freedom. In OTD Chile, we are concerned that this type of case continues to happen, despite […]