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In OTD Chile we contact with teacher Alba Alonso Feijoo after a  seeing an announcement about  about her job. We were interest in thinking about how we can afront school bullying, thinking especially in the transgende kids in this schoolar year. Their job on Realkiddys web describe this as a project“ who wants to promote […]

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The Noche Digna program from the Ministry of Social Development and the Acción Travesti en Calle organization (ATC) , created an inclusive access protocol for trans people that are homeless. Its implementation is about training the personnel that work in the program in order to make them sensitive and respectful about some topics like gender […]

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OTD Chile did a research about the universities that respect the social name of transexual students. Off all of those that answered,  18 already counts  with a system that allows their students to replace the legal name on lists and intern documents of the headquarters. Which are they? Universidad de Chile Pontificia Universidad Católica de […]

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The other day, I saw a post on Twitter about the Arlen case, the transgender girl that wants to be admitted in a HIgh school called Liceo 1, especially for girls in Santiago, and for some reason, I do something that i’m not used to, most of the comments are useless and they are divided […]