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The universities of the Américas, of Chile, Católica and Santiago have created protocols to respect the social name of their trans students. The measure, which the Américas university began, it has been backup by the feminist movement among the university students. In 2017 the institute of Public Issues of the University of Chile created the […]

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The World Health Organization (WHO) recently announced the end of the CIE-11 and published online the original version. The link will be shared in the next hour, once the embargo is finished. The announcement does not mark the end of the process of the ICD-11, but the beginning of a new phase, focused on the […]

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Chile’s Supreme Court approved a trans woman’s name and sex change after a four-year wait, and that the rectification be denied in the first instance and by the Appeals Court. This is a landmark ruling because the Supreme Court recognizes the identity as a right, quoting international agreement on human rights despite of the lack […]

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On the day against transphobia, homophobia and biphobia, the Municipality of Quilicura officially started the sale of hormone therapy drugs for trans people in the county. The initiative arose after a coordinated work between the Sexual and Gender Diversity Office of the county and OrganizandoTrans Diversidades to achieve specific support actions for the trans population. […]